Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya (1876-1938)

          The famous Bengali novelist Sri Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya, another icon whom the pseudo-secularists often quote, said about the Muslims as below : 
          Muslims demolished temples and raped Hindu Women : “In fact if the Muslims say “We want unity with the Hindus”, it can’t be anything but a deception. One would say that the Muslims invaded India just to plunder, not to set up a kingdom. But they were not satisfied with loot only, they demolished Hindu temples, broke the idols and raped Hindu women. In fact they never spared to do the maximum harm and insult to other’s religion and humanity.”
          Akbar did not spare Hindus from rape and torture : “Even when the Muslims became the rulers of the land, still they could not come out from this ugly mentality. The activities of ill-famed kings like Aurangazeb and others beggars description. But the so-called generous kings like Akbar did not spare the Hindus from rape and torture. It is obvious that this culture of raping and torture became innate to the Muslims.”
          World should arrange some lessons for them : Sarat Chandra raised a question, “But why does it happen? Is it the result of ignorance and illiteracy only?” He tried to answer the question, “When the Muslims will come down from their high horse of religion, probably then they will realize a human being can not be proud with the fundamentalism of his religion, and this is nothing but unparalled barbarism. But the Muslims are yet to go a long way before they realize it. But their eyes will never open unless the whole world together arrange some lesson for them. 
('Bartaman Hindu-Muslim Samasya’ edited by Dipankar Chattopadhyaya, published by Panchajanya Prakashani, 10 K.S. Ray Road, Calcutta 700001.)

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