Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guru Nanak (1469-1538)

 Guru Nanak, the founder  of the Sikh religion said about the Islamic atrocities :
          Muslims were cruel to Hindus : Syed, Seikh, Mughals, Pathans all, had become very cruel and were torturing Hindus. They have their bodies thrown to vultures. Many (Hindus) were killed by driving nails in their bodies; many others were skinned and still others were allowed to be bitten to death by dongs. Those who did not agree to conversion to Islam were tortured in several ways. Yajna and Havan were forbidden and defiants were made to regret. Beautiful women were abducted and forcibly kept in Muslim homes. The judges took bribe and converted truth into falsehood with their judgements.” (Nanak Prakash, quoted on page 80 of the book Pan Islamism Rolling back, Written by Prem Nath Joshi, Delhi 1998)

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